Bug: Omnibox rich entity suggestions flag Not working


This flag:

Omnibox rich entity suggestions

Display entity suggestions using images and an enhanced layout; showing more context and descriptive text about the entity. – Mac, Windows



has never worked. neither in version 77, 78 nor 79.


the expected behavior is this: (as the name says, to show Rich Entity Suggestions)

this is from Google Chrome.


Annotation 2019-09-29 204139.png


but what is happening instead is this:


Annotation 2019-09-29 204302.png


Edge does Not show Rich Suggestions.



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Hi @HotCakeX, we are aware of this.  We are still evaluating the need for this feature.  Is there a specific scenario that this enables for you?  Thanks - Elliot

Hi, thanks for the reply, yes for example in the photo I shared in my post you can see the search result of popular things like movie titles, celebrities, countries, cities etc are shown with a photo next to them and a short description, to make the search results kind of rich.

Yes obviously, It is supposed to improve the search experience, those who don't want it can it turn it off, but this should definitely be a feature