Bug: Office 365 Admin Portal Doesn't Work with Edge Version

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Hi there,

The last few builds do not work with Office 365 Admin Portal.  All the other O365 online apps work fine but as soon as you click Admin this is the error that is displayed.  Switch to Chrome and it works fine.  Have tried in in-private Edge and tried clearing cache, same behavior.


Annotation 2019-07-15 193508.png

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Thank you for alerting us to this issue, @Josh Jandrain.  I will find the right team and see if they can investigate and fix this issue.


@Elliot Kirk This is also starting to show up in other browsers.  No rhyme or reason - all of a sudden it just stops working, the only fix appears to be a reboot to get all browsers to work again otherwise our admins have to be sure they ahve multiple browsers for O365 administration.