Bug in Importing Firefox History & Passwords !

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Please let us have the option to import everything from Firefox! History & Passwords ! Not just the bookmarks!
I've been using Firefox since 2004 and this is the first time that I'll completely ditch it for Edge Chromium ! That's how GOOD is the new Edge ! So I must move all my data to Edge !
I cannot move to Edge without my history and passwords! You have no idea how much I count on them on my work & my personal stuff!
I've checked most Chromium browsers and they all doesn't have the option to move anything from Firefox except the bookmarks!! Which is very ridiculous!! Specially because you can move EVERYTHING from Chromium to Firefox !!
However I found out that Vivaldi actually can import the history and the passwords of Firefox !! Which means "It's NOT impossible" for Chromium browsers !!
And since this "Edge" is Microsoft's main browser and one of the top and best and will be even a lot better when it releases it's first stable version THEN you MUST include the same option !! And very very soon too! Since millions are using Firefox and may move to Edge! Pleaseeeee!
This will also be one of the main best pros in Edge compared to Chrome !! Which means people can move from Firefox to Edge A LOT easier than moving to Chrome!
I really want to use Edge Chromium as my main browser and I can't do it without my history and passwords (And the hundreds of bookmarks I have of course) from my Firefox!
This is maybe the only thing I want you guys to do in Edge !

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Great idea and as a previous Firefox user I agree with you on how good the new Edge is working already. Also how difficult it is to get use to the new browser when you do not have access to all your passwords and history.

Exactly! The same for all Mozilla browsers as well!

Seriously ? Just 2 likes in 2 days ? no ones else wants this ???

Not sure what you want outside what is already available in the current Canary build ??
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@StoneT  WTH :o
I'm using the Canary Build v78.0.249.0 and Firefox 68.0.2 and I don't have the option to import from Firefox !!
I'm using Windows 10 v1903 ! Why I can't see Firefox ??

Screenshot (34).png

Guys I need an answer ! Why am I NOT seeing Firefox ?? I'm using the regular edition not the portable or anything !

Guys you don't get it.. I won't shut up until I get an official response and explanation to all this !

@Omar-Os  "Guys you don't get it.. I won't shut up until I get an official response and explanation to all this !"


Clearly not. 


Edge Chromium imports Firefox favorites in Version (Official build) dev (64-bit) [see below] and I have not experienced problems importing from Firefox in the past, so if you don't see the option to import from Firefox, the issue is probably specific to your computing environment.


I suggest that you contact Microsoft Edge Insider support to work on the specifics of the issue you are encountering.   The support staff is competent and will be likely to resolve your issue.


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Guess what ?? I tried this on like 10 machines with "Chrome, Opera, Edge, SRWare Iron & Vivaldi" and it only worked on 2 of them !!!! I thought Vivaldi was working but I was wrong! These 2 machines are working with all Chromium browsers not just Vivaldi !! Which is very weird and clearly it's a Chromium issue!

I also thought this IS the Microsoft Edge Insider Support ?!

@Omar-Os  "I also thought this IS the Microsoft Edge Insider Support ?!"


It isn't.  It is a forum to discuss features/functions/issues with Edge Chromium development.  It isn't a help desk or support desk. 


Microsoft maintains a specific help desk for Edge Chromium support.  Please contact them.   I've used them on several tricky issues, and the staff is excellent.

@tomscharbach  Ok thanks a lot !
After all I was here to discuss this features because I thought it wasn't actually available!

@Omar-Os , what is the FF version that you have. is it the Stable version or a Beta/Dev version?

@rishavsharanNow I'm using Firefox 72, but I've been testing this since Firefox 68 or something without any luck! on several different machines and Windows!!
They all have Firefox Stable and I tested Edge Canary, Dev & Beta and it's always the same, Firefox isn't in the importing list of Edge !

Firefox 74/75 and Edge 81/82 are compatible with each other. all the data can be imported now.
personally tested it myself several times.
No it's not working till now on Firefox 76.0.1 and Edge 84
Tried this on DOZENS of machines and the option of importing from Firefox isn't there.. ever.
They just simply don't care enough to fix this, therefore I don't care to use Edge on all of these machines.




@Omar-Os wrote:
the option of importing from Firefox isn't there


the option is definitely there.






The option is definitely NOT there, for dozens of machines I've tried on.
And I'm not the only one who complains about this.

Screenshot (158).png

Omar would you know where is your Firefox instance installed? Also, where is your firefox profile located? Could be that there is a bug with a non standard installation of FF.

Dozens of machines and a lot more people complaining and it's a FF bug ??!! :unamused::unamused:
BTW it's happening since the first build of Chromium Edge which means around a year and a half ago with all Firefox versions all that time including the Firefox ESR, nightly and Betas as well.
And all was tested on Edge Canary, Dev, Beta & Stable.. on Windows 7,8,10 x86 and x64 and it's always the same, no Firefox option! I thought you don't have the option to import Firefox until  I saw people sending me screenshots telling me it's there! Which I hardly believe right now..

Edge must be is looking in an old profile location of Firefox that isn't there anymore :facepalm:
Mine and all the others are always in the default location:

Install Location: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\
Root Directory: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\
Local Directory: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\

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No thanks to Edge dev/support team, After more than 1.5 years I finally just fixed this issue by creating a new profile in Firefox then removed it immediately, now Edge detects my default Firefox profile! Which proves that it was an Edge detection issue not Firefox's.

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