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I couldn't find a place to file a bug, so I'm assuming the topic here.


I have the latest version of Edge and after typing a specific phrase, the entire browser crashes.
To work around this, turn off suggestions, otherwise you cannot search for any phrases.

They are probably Polish characters, you can check it by typing and searching for the phrase:

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@laudik This is also happening for me. Sounds like it is being reported in the Microsoft Edge subreddit as well:


same here in version stable

@laudik Also, disabling search suggestions was a good fix. We just implemented the group policy to set SearchSuggestEnabled to False. Now we can just revert that setting once Microsoft provides a fix. 
2020-07-30 16_25_46-Settings and 4 more pages - Work - Microsoft​ Edge.png

@Jordan Calo thanks for this -- resolved the issue for me.

Thanks for the workaround. Worked for me too!!!
Same here.

Changing the search engine to Bing or DuckDuckGo solves the problem

@Jordan Calo 

Thanks the workaround did the trick to me too if my default search is google,

but I found that if I set Bing as default search I don't need to disable the search suggestions. it won't crash when I start typing in the address bar.

@laudik Yes, that workaround will prevent the 'bug' … But it seems like the real issue is NOT using Bing as the search provider. I only tested between Bing and Google - Using Google = bug; using Bing = works.


Is this a case of Msoft sabotaging Google search ?

@Jordan CaloThis workaround work for me as well.  Thank you!

@laudik I´ve found this is happening recently with Search function, With me this happens with google search and site suggestions but I don´t know if this is related... Well turning down site suggestions fix me this issue even if I search with google.

@Jordan Calo As of this morning 7/31, with all Windows updates installed, this problem is fixed for me. I had done the workaround yesterday. I removed it this morning after the updates and the crash no longer occurs.

Thank you all for bringing this to our attention. Good news: the team is working on this!


For more information on this bug and our response to it, please see this Reddit thread from @MissyQ. So, while this should be mitigated now, please let us know if you still have concerns.


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@Jordan Calo 

Thanks, your hint helped me