Bug: horinzontal tabs, incorrect display (width) and positioning

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I have already reported a bug on Github. However, I am not sure if it is read by the right people, so here it is again:




When starting Edge for the first time (after booting) with restoring the previous session, the tabs are positioned/ordered incorrectly.
You have to reduce the Edge browser to window mode and then maximise it again. This fixes the error, but only until the next system start.


Runtime: Microsoft Edge107.0.1418.26 (Offizielles Build) (64-Bit)
OS: Win10 Pro, x64, 22H2, Build 19045.2193
Device: Microsoft Surface Book 2 15"
Resolution: 3240x2160 (Scaling 200%)


Repro Steps

  • have a lot of tabs open (some in groups)
  • Exit Edge (with option: open tabs from previous session) and reboot computer
  • open Edge at the first start after boot
    expected: the tabs should be arranged normally
    actually: the tabs are slightly shifted and a bit too wide. Rarely also compressed to half the width.
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