[BUG][FIXED] Edge Stable 86.0.622.38 is ignoring cookies and site settings.

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after upgrade to Edge Stable 86.0.622.38 now when I close Edge and then open a website where I was previouly logged in, now I have to login again, also site settings are not preserved for example in YouTube.


reverting back to Edge Stable 85.0.564.70 fix the issue.


reported here: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftedge/forum/msedge_other-msedge_win10/starting-this-morn...


reported here: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/discussions/cookie-bug-in-edge-as-of-oct-9-2020/m-p/1768141


also there are reports in Reddit:







UPDATE: seems the only way to fix this bug temporarily is Changing "Hosted App Data" from "clearing each time" to "not clearing each time", according to Rich Alan in Microsoft Answers forums.


UPDATE 2: Edge Stable 86.0.622.56 has been released and seems the bug is fixed now.

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Click on ...->Help and feedback->Send feedback and report this bug through feedback option.

that option is to report an issue with a specific single website, not related with the bug I'm mentioning because this bug affect all websites with cookies.
I'm having this exact same problem too. WTF did Microsoft do? Incredible. Do they not test their stuff before release? And here we so NO REPLY???? Lame!

@MELERIX Hey, friend! First, I wanted to acknowledge your effort here to ensure we see as many of the threads as we can. Your thread here helped me find a couple of others I hadn't been aware of. This is massively appreciated!


That being said, the team is aware and are working on getting this resolved. As you have noted, making sure that Hosted app data is NOT selected on edge://settings/clearBrowsingDataOnClose is the current temporary workaround. I'll reach back out once I hear back from the team! Appreciate your patience while we dig into it. :3


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But then how did @MELERIX even post this?!

@MissyQ  Is there any update on the fix. There are 10K users affected from our client company that they are unable to login to Facebook Workplace. 

@murali555 No updates at this time, I'm afraid. We are still working on it, and the workaround of disabling "Hosted app data" as an option to clear in edge://settings/clearBrowsingDataOnClose should still fix people.


I will for sure post back here once I know of any updates or full mitigations! I'll try to tag everyone who has commented in here saying they were impacted, too. We truly appreciate everyone's patience while we work on getting this sorted! :3


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@murali555 Did the mentioned interim solution from @Rich Alan not work for you?

bad news, version 86.0.622.43 have been released and the bug is still present :(

@Hugo_Plaisier  Alan says- "Changing "Hosted App Data" from "clearing each time" to "not clearing each time" works for me."  And in fact, we never configured this setting means 'Hosted App Data' is already set to 'Not clearing each time'. 


I believe its the same workaround suggested by @MissyQ  which has not helped us. 

@murali555 Thanks for calling this out. I've let the team know that you haven't had this setting previously. I'll reach out if they want more details from you!


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@murali555 Thanks again for letting me know changing that setting wasn't working for you and your client. The team wants to know what is missing exactly with your situation: Are the users missing cookies or passwords? What about their browsing history, is anyone mentioning that their history is missing? Let me know! There may be other ways to get your situation sorted out. :)


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bad news, version 86.0.622.48 have been released and the bug is still present :(


My passwords are not being saved either. I have tried everything that has been suggested and nothing works!

@Dwight20 I'm sorry to see this! Can you let me know exactly what steps you have taken to try to resolve it? I'd like to verify what you have already done in order to determine what else we can do to help you out. :)


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bad news, version 86.0.622.51 have been released and the bug is still present :(
Edge Stable 86.0.622.56 has been released and seems the bug is fixed now.
The issue was - Users could not able to login (SSO is also preset) for Facebook workplace. However clearing cookies was resolving the issue temporarily.
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Hey, friends! Hopping in here to confirm what @MELERIX stated, we are rolling out the fix to our Stable channel now and the fix should already be in place in our Insider channels. You can see my update over on our Answers forums here. Please let me know if you notice any issues after reverting the settings!


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