[BUG] Clicking the checkbox is opening the app. Version 84.0.495.2 (Official build) dev (64-bit)

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Try to click the checkbox just like ion history and favorites isn't working in here, Clicking these are opening the installed apps instead of putting a check marks in the box. 
@Deleted Can you confirm this?

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@hussain5416 thanks for taking a look at this. We saw that as well and have fixed it in the next Canary build. That view is shared with "Favorites", where the checkboxes make sense. They were supposed to be hidden from the Apps view.


There is another issue that you might see in this build as well: if you install a "site as an app" (rather than a PWA), the icon won't show up correctly. That is not yet fixed, but we are investigating the regression now.



Thanks for fixing the problem, and yeah about missing icons, I reported that earlier through browser feedback option. Hope they fixed up soon too. Keep up good work