Bug and suggestion to web apps in the Edge Canary

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I'm using webapps for a lot of sites that are offering this one, but the Edge for Android doesn't support it so well and the Edge Canary has a BUG!


When I install some site as an app, the Edge continues showing the Edge bar (you can see it in my Attachment bellow), as if I were using the browser.  It isn't necessary for webapps, but it wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't for a bug in those buttons.


The BUTTONS JUST DOES NOT work and it is still in front of the content, even with no function.



And now, my suggestion: When I try to add a site as a app the Edge just create a new shortcut, but in others browser (like Samsung Internet), the browser create a really (and almost) native app, with settings page and the links are opened in this webapp installed.



Look at the differences between the Edge Can version and the Samsung Internet version, that is almost a app.



It has, including, a setup page with uninstall buttons and more.


Please, Microsoft, add this new features as well


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Indeed on some sites it gives exactly that, I guess they do not have an android manifest ... But some sites like Twitter are suitable for mobile PWA, with a special icon, and opens in a different format. On the other hand this is not the case of Youtube, which has a computer manifest, but apparently does not have mobile, because the link in PWA opens in the browser ... will know why all these differences I hope canary will unify all this