BSODS when using chromium based Edge

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I've tried every variant of the new Micrsoft Edge, from Canary to the final release, and I get constant BSODs after just minutes of using it. I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this issue. And what if anything you may have done to fix it.

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Which Windows version are you using?
What is the BSOD error message that you get?
You can use tools like this to get more info about your BSOD


Windows 10 Professional 64 bit.



Sounds like a hardware issue, but my PC performs perfectly until I use Edge chromium. Sometimes It will work for hours even days... then bam. Random BSODs. I've disabled hardware acceleration, disabled my AV and even run edge outside of sandbox with --no-sandbox switch. This very moment I'm using the latest beta edition and it's stable but I know it won't last.

Using those tools can help you find out exactly which program or driver is the culprit.
this tool too:

do you have that BSOD problem on any other devices?

p.s also found this on Microsoft support



Just ran who crashed. Also ran another dump analyzer. They all point to psched.dll, NtoKernel.Dll and hal.dll.

Not exactly helpful because those are built in operating system drivers. I can't simply update them. I've tried disabling Malwarebytes to see what impact that will have. So far the browser is stable. Not ideal, but at least I'll find out if my security software is the culprit.



Oh yeah, almost forgot. I'm running the new edge on 3 work computers and 3 home computers. The only system that is crashing is this one. My main gaming rig and most powerful system. I run Malwarebytes on all my systems and never ran into this problem.

So whatever is the problem is in that one computer.
I didn't catch the version number, I assume it's Windows 10 1909?

also by any chance do you have Google Chrome on your computer that is having BSODs?


version 1903. But an earlier version crashed too.


I installed chrome to test a while back. Same behavior. Random BSOD. same errors. I just turned Malwarebytes back on because disabling it had zero impact. 

Okay so at this point this is almost obvious that the problem is with Chromium (that's what Chrome and Edge share).

I would try updating my Windows 10 to the latest version, 1909. it can solve the problem.

@HotCakeXI've just updated my mobo to the latest firmware version. I'll see how that goes. If it still blows up in my face I'll update the latest win 10 ver.

Sounds good


Been putting the browser through its paces for over 3 hours now. No locks, no slowdowns, and no BSODs. Looks like updating the firmware did the trick. I'll use the beta a couple more days then install the official release if all remains stable.


The firmware was several versions behind. Weird that I was able to play games like the witcher 3, Sekiro, and Devil may Cry 5 at ultra settings with no hangs, but a browser bought my rig to a standstill.

That's good to know :)
Yeah games access the hardware differently than a browser (in this case it was the Chromium source the Edge is build on), they usually revolve around the GPU.