Browser reduced at cancelling microsoft login

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Hello every one ! 


I had a "bug" at login to microsoft account on Chromium Edge (Login -> finish connection ->cross). 

The window is reduced when I click on the cross, did you had the problem ? 


Howerver, the browser looks great !


Have a nice day

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do you mean login in the browser or at Microsoft website?
could you please attach a screenshot of the bug?


I tried adding a 2nd profile to Edge, chose to add a new Microsoft account, then entered my Email and the wrong password (intentionally). after getting the wrong password message, i pressed the X and closed that window.

then i went to the settings and deleted that profile.

@HotCakeX Thanks for reply,

I'm french, so look at the surrounded text in the first print screen, click there, then it redirect to a popup login page, and when I click the "cross" to close the popup login window, Edge browser is reduce, and the desktop appears :) 


You see the problem ? 


(It's possible that I reply slowly)



This cross?




I forgot to ask, which Windows are you using? 10/8.1/7 ?


Yeah this one!


I'm on Windows 10, Chromium edge version : 80.0.361.32



Oh so Beta channel.
I was trying it on stable channel version 79.


well it must be a bug then. please use the feedback button on top-right corner of the browser to report this bug





and use this method to add the screenshots above to your feedback








Yeah sorry I didn't precised... 


I will do ;) 


Have nice day ! 

You too :)