Browser crashes while editing PDF in Canary Version 84.0.488.0

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I can draw on a PDF and erase what I have drawn, no problem. I can also apply highlighting, but when I right-click to remove or change it, the browser crashes. If I have multiple windows open it crashes all of them, and when I reopen/restore Edge It restores all windows/pages. Changes I had made to the PDFs have not been saved/restored.

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Amazing, happens to me as well

Version 84.0.488.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)


the moment I right-click in this circle Edge crashes/closes




Sent feedback from browser feedback button

Yep @HotCakeX . I sent feedback too. Hopefully, they'll sort it out soon, as I'm using Canary as my primary browser. For now, I'm defaulting PDFs to open in 'public' Edge.

I also fed back months ago that it if Microsoft could incorporate all the functionality of Xodo into Edge, it would be awesome for productivity -do you know it?
I checked out their web app, it was decent, very much like Edge classic but with some extra features

I was going to make a new post but then I saw this one by @Pete_FFC .


While my problem is not exactly the same, it's pretty similar. I have not experienced any problems while drawing on PDF's but I am having problems with highlighting. While not specific to highlighting or removing highlight,  since I've recently started using highlights, my PDF's will crash while I'm reading. 

This is highly annoying. Lets say I'm reading a 10 page document and I'm 5 pages in with the first 5 pages having highlights, when I scroll to page 6 , the document will "Crash". Changes are not saved because it does not auto save and every time you make a new highlight and save, you have to save it as a new file name (also annoying). I've attached a photo of what happens.

It's important to note that this issue only started happening when I began using highlights. I WAS NOT having this issue when drawing on PDF's. 

I'm on:
Windows 10 1909 (OS Build 18363.778)
Edge Version 84.0.502.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit)





Also @Pete_FFC , thanks for the mention of xodo. I checked it out and I think I will switch to it for now