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Let's dedicate this thread to websites, which exhibit unusual behavior in Edge Insider. They either don't open or work as expected, or cause high CPU and/or GPU load when in focus. 


One can check current hardware load in Settings-More Tools-Browser Task Manager, make a screenshot, and post it here. Before reporting the issue, try installing an Add Blocker extension like uBlock Origin, reload the webpage, and see if the Tab hardware load drops shortly. On older PCs and laptops, fans usually wind up with loads, so you feel it fast.

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One popular website to report used by 5 mln folks per month is Google Earth. It doesn't work at all to navigate the earth. Here's the screenshot. I wonder if Edge Insider team can fix that?





I think Google Earth will only work in Chrome.  I know it doesn't work in Firefox or IE.   This is from their website:


With Google Earth for Chrome, fly anywhere in seconds and explore hundreds of 3D cities right in your browser. Roll the dice to discover someplace new, take a guided tour with Voyager, and measure distances and areas. Coming soon to more browsers.





Nope, the reason it doesn't work in Edge Preview is the Edge devs removed Google Portable Native Client plugin from Chromium. Its in the installer package, but not registered properly, despite they still use the same Pepper API with Flash Player.



I don't doubt what you are saying.  I just got the impression from other sources that Google Earth only works in Chrome.  Besides IE and Firefox not supporting Google Earth, Vivaldi also doesn't.  It is also a chromium based browser.  From


Google makes the new Google Earth Chrome exclusive

Google unveiled a redesigned version of Google Earth today which, unlike its predecessor, is a web application. While that sounds good on first glance, as you may run Google Earth now without having to install software or an application first, the new version is limited to Google Chrome currently on the desktop.

The desktop version of Google Earth is still offered on the official site though, so that non-Chrome users may download and use the application in its older form.

Google notes that the new Google Earth works in Chrome on the desktop only. While that means support on Chromebook devices, and also better support on Linux, it also means that the new version of Google Earth is not available for users who run non-Chrome desktop browsers.

Changing the user agent does not help right now to get the new Google Earth to work in other browsers.


Open issues: 

a) = videos cannot be switched to full screen (button does nothing). EdgeDev & Canary. Other browsers are working.

b) = "LEAF" video (on the left) does not work / play. EdgeDev & Canary. Old Edge is working.

c) Flash Player content -> switch content to full screen = complete white screen. EdgeDev & Canary. Other browsers are working.

(enable Flash Player = edge://settings/content/flash )


(all problems also reported via smiley button)


Fixed issues:

a) = crashing on loading (fixed since version

b) = video preview pics are broken (fixed since version



Its an interesting phenomena going on now with Edge Insider. Many folks are trying it on websites, which don't work well or fast enough in Chrome. While Edge devs mostly concentrate on optimizing performance of the most popular sites to match Chrome performance, like YouTube ets. 


As a result, Edge mostly works well on North American popular sites. But in other world regions many sites cause high CPU and GPU process load in Edge Chromium, while Chrome works perfectly. I wonder whether Edge team purposely wants to limit the browser testing now to North American domains?


Or this happens because local advertisers use JS and other browser hogs not frequent on NA sites? I tried to switch off all 3rd party scripts in uBlock Origin on such sites, but Edge high hardware and PC fans load continues on many foreign domains. I wonder if someone else noticed that?


If you add [*.] to the allow section of edge://settings/content/flash,it will work for the akamai flash demo. 



Another popular website that currently appears broken is YouTube showing older UI. It seems to be just a matter of Google selectively pushing different pages to varying browsers. Its likely to be fixed later by negotiating the issue with Google. 


But if you're in rush to use modern YouTube interface, try this:


Install User-Agent Switcher, then change UA to Opera for Windows. Or check your browser UA and edit it to current Chrome UA string for MS Edge in the extension Options.


Now if you're unhappy how Google treats Edge Chromium at their popular sites, isn't Edge team doing the same right now with many sites outside North America, like Western and Eastern Europe, by exhibiting high CPU load forcing users to switch back to Chrome that works perfectly well with near 0% CPU load on the same sites? Let's be fare to everyone instead of claiming Edge Chromium is discriminated against.

@sambul95 So, what is the point?  If Microsoft does that, it is ok to do for Google?  We are not talking about Microsoft here.  We are talking about Google.

I have opened a bug that references this thread.  Whenever you find a website that isn't working with the Insider builds, just add it to the bottom of this thread, with the build that you have tried it on and the symptoms that you are seeing.  It would also be very helpful if you were able to tell us if it worked on either Chrome or the current version of Edge.


Thank you in advance,


There is no problem with YouTube and the old Edge. We are talking about build as of today.  @Elliot Kirk 


I don't doubt what you are saying.  I just got the impression from other sources that Google Earth only works in Chrome.  Besides IE and Firefox not supporting Google Earth, Vivaldi also doesn't.  It is also a chromium based browser. 

Popular articles don't explain tech behind some phenomena, they just describe it from a user standpoint. There's always a story behind such news bites. Microsoft invented ActiveX decades ago, which allowed to link and embed a window of one application into another (like picture-in-picture). While ActiveX tech was criticized from all sides, its still in use today - indefinitely long, and brought into Edge Chromium again, for example as IE Mode.


Google realized long ago that controlling the OS gives infinite advantages to apps efficiency. They even designed Chromium OS, which uses Chromium as its UI and supports web applications running in browser window. For Chrome running on Windows, they added a plugin Google Portable Native Client (PNACL), so it can also host apps like Google Earth, which run in a safe sandbox inside the browser.  Google's PNACL is similar to MS ActiveX, but treated by Edge team differently. While ActiveX is given a warm welcome, PNACL is purposely blocked in Edge Chromium. When one tries to install an app from Google Store, Edge Chromium displays the message: "Installing Themes and Apps is not supported".


Yes, both ActiveX and PNACL don't fit well into current web standards, and might eventually be replaced with a newer tech. That's why other Chromium based niche browsers don't use both. But why the new "mass browser for everyone" Edge Chromium treats such unfairly Google apps, while promoting with IE Mode MS own very old apps to enterprise users no longer supported for decades? This hits prospective Edge Chromium converts, who are customization fans, as they can't use web apps anymore admired with Chrome. will not load. It just spins and pops up a box for Wait or Cancel.


Dev does work.

I have also reported this via smiley.



@ms4132 wrote: will not load.




I had no trouble accessing this site from England on EC



After today's Canary channel updates to version 174 and, just now, 175, I can't access:


Both are working fine on Chrome Desktop 74.0.3729.169 as well as Edge Dev channel version 172, Edge Mobile and Chrome Mobile.


I've tried both sites on two computers running Edge Canary, including trying the user agent switcher extension after the problems with YouTube earlier this week...nothing is working.

@Noel Burgess Thanks for letting me know. I tried it again now on 175 and it is working again.


This is the situation I've had, and it's my solution.

On Wednesday, I found I couldn't access the website

,but other browser could.

I went to the Settings > Reset settings  reset all browser settings, restart the browser, and now I can access the website.

I had the same issue beginning with Build 174 and continuing to 175. I reset the browser settings, as suggested,and that took care of the problem. It also substantially -- and I mean substantially -- improved performance overall.



Its unclear what Reset Settings actually does. Is it limited only to settings offered in Edge Chromium Settings UI? Or it involves resetting ALL flags and other Chromium hidden options? This is the question to Edge developers. It seems to switch off all extensions as well, despite they give no problems. Chrome extensions once added may modify browser hidden options. Resetting conflicts with Extensions work and purpose.


I suspect that many European websites show high CPU and GPU load, because Edge can't properly identify when their webpages finished loading, or can't handle their scripts. They might contain some common scripts that are less often used in North America by web devs.