Broken Edge Legacy Shortcuts and Poor PDF support in Edge (Chromium)

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I currently use Microsoft Edge (Chromium) as my main browser with the legacy version as my pdf reader using the Edge (Side by Side) option. Unfortunately, I am unable to open the legacy version properly. It crashes the entire Windows UI for some reason. The only way to open it is to right click on the shortcut and open a new tab. Even then the icon is missing. It is basically a blank icon on the taskbar. Anyone have any ideas on fixing this?

I can't use the new edge as a pdf reader because it is still quite terrible and lacks many of the essential options. Like viewing two pages at a time, or disabling/enabling continuous scrolling. It can't even "Fit to Width" properly because continuous scrolling is forcibly enabled and it fits the biggest page in the entire document to the width instead of just the currently viewed page. It does not even support a Table Of Contents pane for some peculiar reason. I was quite surprised when I tested it out between Edge (Legacy) and Edge (Chromium) with the same pdf file. "Read Aloud" has been added in the Dev and Canary versions, but starting it up is an entirely different problem. Clicking on the button takes me to right to page 1. I could be on page 300 of the document, but it ignores that. Edge (Legacy) behaved correctly in this case. It also does not start up at all 50% of the time. It just keeps a indefinite loading bar on the top and I have to close it and start it up again. That being said, I do like the Natural Text-To-Speech engine on the new Edge. I wish it was made available on Edge (Legacy) as well, but I am guessing it won't be updated anymore. On a final note, PDF scrolling keeps stuttering causing a painfully slow scrolling speed. It's not anywhere as smooth as Edge (legacy). Have no idea if it ever will be fixed since it's been an issue since the very first version of Edge (Chromium), but one can always hope, I guess. I wonder if the new Edge will achieve parity (PDF Support) with its legacy version anytime soon or if it will take a few years. Well, as long as I have access to Legacy Edge, it's a minor issue.

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