Broken dark mode and inverted colors!

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Hi there,
I've been sending reports about this issue in "Feedback" of Microsoft Edge DAILY for a YEAR now !
Because of the following issues that they keep increasing with every new major update of Edge...
And YES I send the diagnostic data with every feedback.. and NO it's not an issue of my Windows because this is happening on several machines with several Windows versions, and it only happens when I'm turning on "Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents" from edge://flags/
If I turn it off everything goes back to normal, but also the dark mode completely goes away!
So this is related to the #enable-force-dark from the flags, don't send me steps of how to fix my Windows or how to reset Edge...

The main issue is that "Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents" inverts the colors of A LOT of unrelated stuff in almost EVERY-SINGLE-WEBSTIE !!!
Like logos, avatars, profile pics, emojis, some parts of the web design and even some text colors and more!!
Which makes these stuff either VERY hard to see/understand OR it makes them completely invisible! 🤦🏻‍:male_sign: Below are some screenshots of "some" of the issues.. these aren't everything I found, these are just a few examples that I gathered to show you how bad is it..

1- Many things in / like logos and emojis

1 Front.png

2- Twitter's emojis and some of the profile pics in there
2 Twitter.png

3- Lots of forums.. actually almost any forum anywhere!
3 Forums and logos.jpg

Enabling and forcing dark mode and all I see is WHITENESS ! and no words are visible!!!
4 Screenshot (171).png

4- Amazon...

5 Amazon.jpg

5- DELL...
6 DELL.jpg

6- Disney+...
7 Disney+.png

7- video previews and almost all video previous from every website! (This started to happen since Edge v102, it was bad .. now it's worse)

8- YouTube white banners in top and bottom when you move the mouse the seek bar pops up.. (Full Screen)
9 YouTube 1.png

YouTube when you are not in full screen there is a white banner in the bottom..
10 YouTube 2.png

YouTube seek preview if that pic/scene is dark (inverted colors)
11 YouTube 3.png

9- LG Website (And everything like it including Amazon)
12 LG.jpg

10- Nvidia..
13 Nvidia.jpg

11- TechSpot
14 TechSpot.jpg

12- Even Your OWN SETTINGS PAGE !!
I mean look at this pics carefully... does any color make any sense here?!
15 Your own settings.jpg

And all these issues are nothing compared to the WHITE FLASH that blinds me for a few seconds when I start Edge!!!!! I'm using DARK MODE for everything in Edge, WHY THE HELL AM I GETTING A WHITE FLASH THAT ALMOST BLINDS ME THEN???!!!!

I mean.. do you even test your stuff and changes ??? Do you test "Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents" with every major update you do ??? Because with every major update things gets worse NOT BETTER! Which means either you don't test or you don't care! 🤷🏻‍:male_sign:

I just had a surgery for my eyes a couple of months ago and I use DARK MODE for everything I have because anything bright hurts MY EYES before and after the surgery...

These issues have been there AND INCREASING for more than a year now! And again, it's getting worse with every major update of Edge... and again, the screenshots above are just a few examples! The inverted colors are in every-single website!!!

And please don't tell me to fix my Windows or Edge because as I said this is happening on every single machine with every single Windows I've tested.... And each machine/Edge has different apps and no extensions..

You guys turn on "Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents" and you will see these disastrous issues everywhere that you don't test.. so this option needs to be fixed/optimized.. and don't forget about the terrible useless white flash at the start....

So... when are these issues going to be fixed??

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@Omar-Os This is chromium upstream issue I think, you need to select `Enabled with selective inversion of non-image elements` instead of `Enabled`, that option will fix invert issue.

It doesn't fix everything, and in the past it was ruining everything and it certainly doesn't fix the white flash at startup.
All these issues shouldn't exist on the normal "Enable" option.
Is this going to be fixed in v103 ?? Or should I annoy you about it on daily basis until you do your job?
Nothing changed in v103.0.1264.37...
It's v104 and nothing has changed or fixed.. specially the white flashes at startup!!

It's v105 and everything is the same... and now they even broken the "Ask before closing a window with multiple tabs"! it doesn't ask me when it's ON !! :facepalm::unamused:
I don't know what they doing except for breaking stuff that was working fine !!!!!!!!!!

It's v106.0.1370.37 and it's still the same, I wonder when they are going to wake up...
It's v107.0.1418.24 and the white flashes at the startup still exists in dark mode......



lol. holy cow. all these options under edge://flags for image inversion and not a single one fixed the problem


well, my monitor is blindingly bright without dark mode

and edge's dark mode doesn't let me see a lot of pictures at all


thus, edge is not useable at all for me


and only a microsoft product would require me to restart the browser to change a dark theme. I'm surprised I didn't have to restart the computer.