Bring Multi-Account Container Tabs to Edge

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I really hope that Multi-Account Container Tabs feature is in the todo list of Edge team.


As you know, Firefox is the first major browser to introduce this innovative functionality for safe and organized browsing experience.  But Multi-Account Containers can also be used by web developers as an important and time saving tool. This can be one of the big differentiating features of Edge.


The Problem

While building multi-role web applications we need to constantly logout and login with different user accounts. There should be a better way to improve this workflow.


Current Solutions

  1. Incognito mode:
    Gives only one extra session.
  2. Multiple profiles:
    Different profiles are separate instances. Currently it is not possible to sync among multiple profiles. So even profiles allow multiple sessions, it is very difficult to use as a workaround for multi-container tabs. Specially without history, bookmarks, and passwords the benefit of multiple session is very little.


Better Solutions

  1. Multi-Account Container tabs
  2. Allow syncing among multiple local Edge profiles.
    Because it is not possible to create so many real online Outlook accounts to get container tabs like benefit.
    • To make it even helpful allow automatically merging data of selected local profiles to one chosen Outlook profile. 
    • Show option to re-create those local profiles when logs into Edge in another machine with that consolidated Outlook profile.


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@minkul yes yes yes yes yes. this would be awesome! MS please make this happen. This would make edge my go to browser.

Yes! I would love this feature. This is the one thing that is keeping me from switching from Firefox, mainly because I want to keep my school and home accounts separate. Multi-Account containers would be a very amazing feature.

Would love this too, Containers are very useful!

I am in complete agreement to @minkul. I've been using Multi-Account Containers with Firefox for a bit now and am realizing how nice it is to have my personal and work accounts separated from my bank, etc.

Yeah, btw Firefox 75 introduced container syncing so when you set up your containers and websites to be opened in them automatically, they will sync to other devices.
Microsoft Edge should follow the same path :)

have a look at this
Use Automatic Profile Switching in Edge to create a Container like experience

Multi-Account Container type of functionality is the only solution. The Profile Switching functionality currently in Edge serves absolutely no purpose, people just don't work like that.

+1 for multi account container tabs
The only reason I haven't switched to Edge as my daily browser is because of its lack of Multi-Account Containers. If Firefox gets Collections before Edge gets containers I won't be switching.

Yes Microsoft please deliver this functionality to edge.




Edge Chromium Browser is not usable as a developer until it gets this critical Firefox feature.


Until that happens, I am stuck with firefox.

Are we on the right place to submit this feature request? Is this on their roadmap?

The thing that would be Amazing (if they do it), it's to Automatically generate a disposable container when the tracking protection detect a tracker.
And destroy this container when we close the tab.
With the auto cookies clearing on exit that I'm using It kinda satisfies my needs

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I want this feature on Edge too, it's good for privacy and separating cookies of websites.

but please send this suggestion using the feedback button on Edge. commenting "+1" doesn't do much. Edge developers track user feedbacks they receive through the browser, and that's how they evaluate stuff.


press Edge (...) menu => Help and Feedback => Send feedback


Thank you!

this feature is a must-have, I loved using it with firefox and would love it with edge