Bring back the ability to have multiple shortcuts pointing to the same site on different profile

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I need this, profile chooser is just not the same as having the ability to place multiple shortcuts on my start menu, for my favorite sites in app-mode, each pointing to a different Edge profile !

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Good morning @David_Blouin , 


Thanks for the feedback on this feature. We made changes here because of quite a number of feedback items requesting we make the profile switcher. Having done so, we now get some feedback like yours that the old way was preferable. We have a scenario on the backlog that we think might be a good solution, but we are going to do continued customer experiments on it. At present, we think we might give people the choice of installing as a separate app vs using the profile switcher.


Unfortunately, I'm not exactly sure when we will be able to get that experiment running.



Thanks for the reply and looking forward to a future version with both multiple shortcut of the same app and the profile switcher !