Bring back Mia (Azure Text to Speech English Natural Voice) - removed/missing 7/10/2021

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Does anyone know what happened to the Mia voice? It was quite jarring and horrible to unexpectedly hear a sharp robotic american voice just now when I tried to have the browser read something to me.


I see there is a community discussion about the problem ( on the wider microsoft forum but thought I'd raise this in the Edge forum too in case it gets to the developers/important people faster.


I sure hope this is a bug/mistake and not a deliberate decision to cull the voice. 


Thanks in anticipation of response from someone in the know about the issue

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Hi Knelf. The Mia voice was retired on 30 October 2021, so it's no longer available. So any requests to Mia will be redirected to Sonia, a replacement for the Mia voice.