Brave browser - how Edge insider compares to it


Brave was first founded in May 28, 2015

Brave 1.0.0 was released in November 9th, 2019.


That's 4 years spent in Beta.


Microsoft Edge? in January 15th 2020, the first stable version will be released. that will be 10 months spent in Beta.


lots of people agree with this, that Edge needs to be feature rich before it is called stable and final.


I wish Microsoft make a browser so that the first thing I always do after installing a Windows OS wouldn't be going to the internet and downloading a different browser because the built-in browser is not good enough for me.


but in order for that to happen, lots of things must be added. lots of things must be learned from different browsers.


one of them is Google chrome. now I don't like Google as a company and I have very good reasons for it. 

like this Google quietly removes "don't be evil" preface from code of conduct 

and this this Google has access to detailed health records on tens of millions of Americans


but in order to become better than them, Microsoft needs to apply the same features Google chrome has.


such as allowing for new tab page search engine to be changed


another one of the browsers that are a good examples is Brave,

Brave has Tor support for private browsing, and support for torrent downloads.


Support for Torrent is really awesome! I use it a lot but I have to install a torrent client such as Qbittorrent to use that protocol.

Windows has never added any support for Torrent protocol, none of the Microsoft products have had anything to do with Torrent before.

Torrent files should be handled the same way as the normal files are. one step towards this is when user clicks on a Torrent file or Torrent magnet link, the browser automatically recognizes it and starts downloading it the same way it does for HTTP/HTTPS files on servers.



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@HotCakeX coccoc has torrent too, maybe you can try it.

vpn is not a bad idea. i still hope nothing implemented like tor browser does, where they activate private navigation automatically at startup (without any way to remove it), otherwise browsing experience will be simply extremely slow. 


i removed the part about TOR integration and VPN.

TOR can't be used in any other browser and still be as secure as the TOR browser.

Brave is Not as secure as TOR browser. 


you can read more about it:


I hate Google too, but even if you have removed the VPN/TOR i can tell it's not to the browser to do network connection (in fact i'm again DNS over HTTPS in the browser), i hope, when windows 10 will enable their DOH feature it will be removed from edge.

Because let software do network stuff bypass the cache (used to reduce the number network connection (maybe the people who have fiber don't care but do not forget not every one on the earth have it)).

i know it's an old post but i just want to say, network cannot be done by software, and (at least on the Windows version i hope to see these feature disabled).