Bouton Partager (share) indiponible sur une session Windows 10 administrateur

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Depuis les 2 dernières version d'Edge Chromium, le bouton Partager (Share) ne fonctionne plus sur les sessions de compte administrateur de Windows 10. Par contre, il fonctionne sur une session de compte standard Je l'ai testé sur 3 PC différents avec le même problème. S'agit-il d'un bug ? Merci de votre aide.

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Which channel are you using?
is your Windows 10 up to date?
when you say it's indisponible you mean you can can enable it from here:
but when you click on it on the toolbar, nothing happens..?

Hi @HotCakeX,


I've tried the official version and the beta channel with same problem.
My Windows 10 version is up to date.
I can't enable it from edge://settings/appearance (doesn't appear on settings)
When I click on it on the toolbar, the button appear and the window share appear in grey, and disappear after 2 ou 3 seconds.

for now it's only available on Edge version 82 above, Dev and Canary channels only.
very soon on Beta and Stable channels too.
Do you also get empty Share page when you try to share something from other apps in Windows 10? try opening a photo in Photos app and click on the "share", let me know what happens

No problem with Share in Windows Explorer :


And it works with all versions of Edge if the Windows User is not admin !

The problem is only with Edge (each version). It occurs only on admin session of W10 (it works on standard session of W10)


That's strange, I'm always using an Admin account and don't have this problem.

when you said your Windows 10 is up to date, you're using version 1909?

paste this into Edge URL and see if there is anything in there: edge://policy/

No values...

so you have both stable and insider rings?

Two PCs:
- Laptop with W10 1909. Edge version offcielle

- Office with W20 2404. It was on W101909 and was experiencing the problem. So I tried to use the insider ring to check if it corrects the problem but no way

Okay at this point the best thing you can do is to send a feedback using the feedback button on Edge.
you can launch it with ALT + SHIFT + I shortcut

it sends more info and helps devs figure out what the problem is