Bookmarks improvements needed

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To me it looks like the bookmark page needs some tweaking.

  • When you drag a bookmark to a folder, it is placed at the beginning of that folder. It should rather be in the end.
  • When you delete a bookmark, the bookmark page scrolls all the way up. it shouldn't
  • Bookmarks should be displayed in a more compact style. There is too much space between them

Also, when the star icon is clicked in the URL bar, the new bookmark goes by default into the last used folder. This can be confusing. Can you add an option so that new bookmarks go by default into the "other bookmarks" folder?

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Thank you @clavius for sharing your feedback.

I would like recommend to share your feedbacks through Feedback option inside Microsoft Edge too.

@Reza_Ameri-Archived  is there any hope to see these improvements soon?

Does the Edge team read these discussions ? :)


Microsoft Edge team will read all discussions.

However, they recommend to send feedbacks and bugs through feedback option in Microsoft Edge.

They will look into it, if you look into discussions on this page and upcoming features of Microsoft Edge, you will see the team are working hard to make Microsoft Edge the best browser in this planet and it could be achieved by listening to feedbacks.