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I really hope in the near future that the developers of this new browser come up with a method to sort all saved bookmarks similar to how the chrome browser does it. With chrome there's an available bookmark manager built in to do that.

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Hi @Davy49, we have a very similar bookmark manager, called Favorites Manager in Microsoft Edge.  To open it you can either type edge://favorites into the address bar, use the shortcut key combo: Ctrl+Shift+O or go to the More menu (...), select Favorites, and then Manage Favorites at the top of the list.  If you see some functionality that this favorites manager is lacking, please let us know what you think is missing, and what you were trying to accomplish.

Thanks - Elliot

@Elliot Kirk ,

I've seen that previously, however there isn't any option to sort the bookmarks/favorites while using that manager.



If you right click you can sort by name, what other sorts were you looking for?

@Filipe Castro ,

Thanks for your reply, when I right click I don't see the sort by name option ?

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You need to right-click anywhere on the page other than on a bookmark. I agree that this could be made a lot more easily discoverable!

@RubyBell ,

Your instructions worked like a charm !! Thanks so much for taking the time to explain how to use that function.


@Davy49 Alternatively, you can use a third-party service like Raindrop for bookmark management. Such things usually work cross-browser and minimize the amount of time spent hunting for things if you use multiple browsers like I do.

I think I tried every option but that to sort by name. Thanks!



Another problem for me is that it only orders the folder in which you are. If you have bookmarks spread across several directories, you have to sort each directory separately.


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Otro problema para mi es que ordena solo la carpeta en la que estas. Si tienes los favoritos repartidos por varios directorios, tienes que ir ordenando cada directorio por separado.


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Hi ppnacho,
I really feel like as time goes on this browser is going to continue to improve, we all just have to be patient.

@Elliot Kirk  Am I missing the way to have bookmarks sorted universally through ALL folders at once? I have to enter each and every folder and subfolder to sort that particular folder. Why not do them all at once or have the option?


Thanks for your help.