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With Canary, I have some fonts on some forums / sites that are "fuzzy"


Canary : 




IE / Edge : 




how to cure it ?


Thanks for your help

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Can you mention some of those sites for test?



Left side is on Edge Insider Version (Official build) canary (64-bit).

Right side is on current built-in Edge in Windows 10 - Microsoft EdgeHTML 18.18965 - Microsoft Edge 44.18965.1000.0.


Annotation 2019-08-23 165316.png


They look fine to me



@HotCakeX The difference is seen on a new topic (title in bold) No difference on the topic already read (like on your screen)
But I didn't open or read any of those topics, nor am i signed in in that website.
That's why, you must be logged in to see the new topics (which will be in bold). We see in my screen that the first 2 topics are in bold compared to the 3rd



If you need more information on the page, do not hesitate to ask me
It stings eyes this fuzzy font :cry:

Up please :flushed:





There is the same problem on Chrome, I asked to the webmasters of the forum, it is a problem related to Chrome
And since Edge Chromium is a "copy" of Chrome, even bug appears
Actually Chrome is a copy of chromium. chromium is the source for both chrome and Edge insider.



Yes, when I say Chrome, it's Chromium
I do not know other browsers using Chromium (no problem with IE, Edge, Firefox, Opera, etc...)
Chrome = Google Chrome
Chromium = source of Google Chrome and a browser on its own.

Browsers based on Chromium=



I did not know for Opera, the Opera developer corrected this little police problem then
Most likely. Opera customized their browser a lot


Hi , You may add text effects to differentiate other words or phrases by using Microsoft Word to create brochures, reports or other documents that you share in with your clients, customers or colleagues.  Word 2010 has a glow effect which makes a font seem to be somewhat blurred "I am using this site:". If you want a font to suit your logo or another feature of your document you can choose from several different glow versions and even use a custom color.

Um okay but how is it related to this discussion? ( ͡ಠ ʖ̯ ͡ಠ)
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