Bloody awful Sharing Hub appears in Edge 96 Android

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Part of the reason I switched from Chrome to Edge is the bloody awful Sharing Hub in Chrome Android, but now that same bloody awful Sharing Hub has appeared in Edge 96 Android. Is there any way to turn it off, permanently? In the meantime, I've reverted to Edge 95 Android. Thanks.
Pixel 5a running Android 12

UPDATE: Share to extension Share2Archive in Edge 96 vs Edge 95.

Edge 95: Just 2 touches, one to open Android Share, one more to do the Share.

Edge 95 all.jpg

Edge 96: Touch to open Sharing Hub, scroll, scroll, scroll, touch to open Android Share, and touch to do Share. UGH.

THE PROBLEM is that the Sharing Hub is fixed, and doesn't have the options I actually use! Android Share does.

Edge 96 all.jpg

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