Block cookies sharing between Different InPrivate Windows


Block cookies sharing between Different InPrivate Windows. yes only windows, not tabs.

tabs that are in the same window should share cookies but once the user clicks on "New InPrivate Window" in the Edge UI, the browser should start another InPrivate session isolated from all other ones.


would you please consider this feature request? @Elliot Kirk Thanks

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I usually have to use more than one browser if i don't want my multiple logins interfere, this could save me all the trouble. :thumbs_up:

Hi @HotCakeX, I will forward this along.  A couple of questions that immediately came to my mind: What happens when you drag a tab from one window to another?  I don't know how we could necessarily keep the cookies sharing straight.  What happens if it docs for a quick second accidentally, then you move it on.  Would we invalidate all cookies once a tab was removed from the window?  I am not sure what the technical possibilities even to be honest.  Thanks - Elliot

Hi, Thank you
1. you can treat different windows of inprivate mode the same way you treat a private window and a normal window, they can't exchange tabs. every new window will have their own cookies and session and moving tabs between inprivate windows won't be possible.
2. if a inprivate tab docs and gets removed from its parent window, it can return to the same window again no problem, but only to that window, not other inprivate windows. again just like you can't attach an inprivate tab to a normal tab in the same window, different inprivate windows will have the same rules applied to them.

honestly i don't think Microsoft has any shortage of engineers and they are more than capable :)
after all it's these differences that make the new Edge different than google chrome, by removing such barriers and limitations in the chromium engine, Edge will become a great browser.

@Elliot Kirk Would love for this feature to be implemented. Would make my life so much easier.


Is there any update from the dev team if they want to implement this?