block and error message with the installation of a Chrome theme

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It was impossible for me to install a Chrome theme

- by the "Chrome Web Store " (

error : "Themes and apps are not supported in Microsoft Edge"


or by

Chrome Theme Creator - Create Custom Google Chrome Themes Online

there is also an error message


I would like to be able to install a theme or create a theme for Edge,

can you improve or add a function to customize Edge colors (like Vivaldi)




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Sounds like a good idea. meanwhile you can do still change colors like i do. in your Windows 10 personalizations, the color settings you can change color of the taskbar which will also reflect on top bar of the programs too (including Edge).

Hi @franco27, we currently do not support the Chrome themes.  We are still looking at possible supporting them in the future, but until then, as @HotCakeX points out, you can use the Windows 10 personalization settings to change the color of the window.  I will take your feedback to the team that owns our theme story.