Blank space next to the tabs (canary)

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After upgrading (version: 87.0.657.0) I noticed that after opening a new tab, or even opening a new site, this tab is "invisible" Therefore, when switching to a tab next to it can not be clicked. (photo)



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Same problem found.

@7hinker same problem.  Sent feedback.

Temporarily using vertical tabs.

@LucasS-10 +1 facing the same issues. Tagging @Deleted and @MissyQ for insights.

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@LucasS-10 @Rohit Yadav @pbcopter Thank you all for reporting this. It looks like there was a change in the overall Chromium code that conflicted with our existing UI. However, the good news is that our team caught this bug pretty quickly and have already made some code changes. You can expect to see a fix soon if you haven't yet! 


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