Black border around text-box and drop-down menu

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Since a few version on the CANARY the border around text-box and drop-down is black and I'm not sure how to fix that.


I don't have this issue on the DEV version and I even reset all the setting on CANARY version and still having this issue.



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@dany20mh, that is definitely not right.  I cannot reproduce this on either the Canary channel or the Developer channel.  What websites are you seeing this on?  Have you tried restarting the browser to see if it is something temporary?

Judging from these screenshots, "Web Platform Fluent Controls" flag is enabled. I guess that's the how the new control might look like, but it's still work-in-progress, we'll see.

@Joel Yang 


You are right, this was the Flag and if I disabled it (which it was set to default) it gets back to normal with that black border.

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