Black And WHITE flashes when starting new tabs MS EDGE

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For the past 10 hours, I have been experiencing a strange problem. The screen flashes with black color while opening a new tab or Recent tabs.  Youtube also loses video progress. And sometimes there are horizontal lines when the player control button shows up when you hover the mouse over it. The problem didn't exist before and chrome and Mozilla are working fine. 

Watch the video to see the problem

Windows 10 Home 21H1 19043.1023 Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.2020.0

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Looks like an issue with the GPU Process. Try ending the process once while this happens to see if it fixes it, otherwise as a temporary workaround, disable Hardware Acceleration in Settings > System.
Disabling hardware acceleration fixed the issue. Thanks

Same issue here. After updating to the latest version of windows 10 , and on windows 11, on some sites, opening a link in a new tab, make the edge app blinking. It seems a gpu problem. Same issue on surface 3 pro, 1 windows 10 laptop , and 1 windows 11 PC. After the blinking screen, if there was a video playing on background  it stops .

Disabling hardware acceleration fix the issue, but makes scrolling page no so flowing. So I switched to chrome that doesn't have this bothering issue.
I am currently using win 11 home 22579.1 dev version. I just realised this issue no longer exist. Idk whether it is because of win 11 or ms edge update.