Bitlocker encryption with AD

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My team and I are planning on getting rid of our current encryption tool and switch to Bitlocker. Whats the process to syn the login for bitlocker with that of windows login in Active Directory. So that when the password is changed in AD it will syn with that of Bitlocker.

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Hi @unubi, I apologize, but I don't really understand the question.  Is this a question about the new Microsoft Edge browser, or about Windows in general? 

@Elliot Kirk This is has nothing to do with edge browser. I used Bitlocker to lock my computer. I was wondering if its possible to link Bitlocker with Active Directory so that when a user change their Windows password, the password for Bitlocker also changes. 


Am curious tho, did i post this question in the right platform? I am using techcommunity and still getting a hang of this tool.