Bing shopping not working in the UK


Hi there,


I've had some customers which I migrated to Edge beta complaining that they can't search for items on shopping tab. The results are only for US good and no results in the UK.


I guess Bing doesn't work for shopping anywhere outside the US?

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I set my Bing country to UK, searched for "clothes" and it showed me the results.
Tried on Firefox, Edge Canary, Beta, Stable.
you can tell them to clear their cache and browsing data then try again.
set country to UK from Bing settings.

@HotCakeX ok, so not browser settings (in edge) or Windows profile, it has to be done in bing webpage itself.


Not sure if this is the best way forward with a computer which was deployed using autopilot in the UK, using Uk settings for everything, then bing defaults to US. Additional unecessary step in my opinion as in Chrome users never had to do that before, most likely the search mechanism picked up the location based on IP address

Absolutely, Bing uses IP address location to set the country. but it shouldn't be a problem since UK users use UK IP addresses. or are they using VPNs?

as far as I know Google uses IP location too.

@HotCakeX No VPNs involved.


I'm going to test the deployment on a VM using autopilot and intune to push the stable edge channel and see how it goes and will report back here

@AlexB We're sorry to hear about that. Yes, please let us know what you are able to find out, and please submit feedback through the browser if you haven't yet.


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Sounds good,
i'm curious, if there is no VPN and no IP being changed, so what is the problem that prevents UK users from using UK IP address so that Bing also will be able to ship the correct version.

@HotCakeX I've tested on a VM now with stable channel and indeed it was giving UK results from shopping. I'm just wondering if there was anything being picked up from Office 365 / Azure AD as the users may setup their own profile with wrong location or perhaps not even setup one at all?

That's very possible yes, I think it's better to check their settings

@HotCakeX It is Bing's user profile that keeps getting US as location, if I change that to UK, once the browser is closed it goes back to US once again.


I've already gone to O365 portal and ensured the user has UK as his location as well.


I tried to login as the end user and check the location under the profile just to double check but it seems since yesterda O365 profile is now liking it:





That's strange, try the O365 support and tell them about it

I find that the issue is related to O365 @Deleted 

If I use my personal hotmail based profile - then bing works correctly and sets itself to the UK.

On my O365 profile it remains targeted incorrectly to the  US and wont allow you to change to UK.

I an the O365 administrator at my organization, so I know that in O365 the region is GB and my location is set to UK. 

You can use Bing and Office 365 communities to bring that problem to their attention

@HotCakeX too much hassle to be honest, we are giving feedback on Edge, it was not a problem on Chrome.


We are providing feedback here and spending our time to help, I'm simply going to revert people back to google search engine and my job becomes a lot easier and not provide further feedback.



best response confirmed by Joon Chang (Microsoft)

@AlexB thanks for raising this issue. Thanks also to your feedbacks, we are now aware of the issue that is setting back Bing defaults to the US market to a limited subset of Edge users (only users logged-in with AAD on Edge and with the Office New Tab Page are affected). 
The issue can be removed by setting the NTP (New Tab Page) to Microsoft News. To do so, you just need to click on the toogle of the Edge home page (top right beside the search box) and select "Microsoft News" instead of "Office 365" (see image).

We expect to roll out a fix pretty soon.


I'm sorry about the unexpected inconvenient and I want to thank you for the feedback.

Keep them coming!



@_Claudio_ Yes that did the trick and is keeping the location now even after restarting edge. The only problem is that instead of showing sharepoint files and other relevant enterprise information I get news as expected based on explanation.


I hope the fix gets pushed into dev/beta channel soon, thanks (obrigado I guess)