Bing search engine with "NEW* CoolStart - Custom New Tab Page"

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Hello everybody, every time i add this extension " NEW* CoolStart - Custom New Tab Page" from Microsoft store, it changes my search engine to Google as a default and does not allow me to control, i tried this extension setting but i found no where to manage. what could be the problem?

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Don't install extensions you don't trust. extensions can be malicious.
you can modify your search engine from here: edge://settings/search

this extension controls this area edge://settings/search, i cannot change, by the way i got this this extension from Microsoft store. it seems i have to disable it 

That honestly looks bad, yes disable or remove it. I wouldn't want an extension that stops me from changing my settings.
I remember Edge had an option in the privacy section that would prevent extensions from doing such things but I can't find it anymore: edge://settings/privacy

@HotCakeX yes i will remove it and try this privacy option 

You have it? in stable and canary I don't..

No the option that I talked about, it's removed from Edge settings, which would prevent extensions from changing search engine and other settings

@MarsMasActually many themes extensions added to Microsoft store still sending alerts about google websites when it starts

Where are the themes on Microsoft extension store?

@HotCakeX you can find them all here, startup pages

What browser are you using?
And google is a hacker company nowadays



I saw that in a article 

Interesting, curious to see

@HotCakeX  Canary Version 82.0.432.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)