Bing Image Creator - How to delete my creations history?

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I followed these instructions, but I have nothing, and the pictures (creations) remain.





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same problem. Followed instructions but pictures in "my creations" remain.



My concern is different. I was wondering where the images we created on Bing are. I don't want to delete it. Thanks for any help.

The method worked in Microsoft Edge browser. Did not work in Chrome.



I followed both methods at (which I provided below) but the images in my Creations section remain.  :unamused:  I'm using Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.


There's also a discussion for this issue on reddit's r/bing subreddit, but no solution yet there either:


07 Can I delete my Bing Image Creator profile and history?
There are two ways to delete your Image Creator profile and history. While logged in to your Microsoft account, you can either:


• Go to your Bing search history and select "Clear all."
• Go to the privacy dashboard for your Microsoft account, scroll down to "Search history," and select "Clear all search history."

Both options will delete your entire Bing search history, Image Creator profile, and Image Creator history, including Image Creator activity.


Here is a link to a guide I created for another help page.  This forum won't allow me to post all the images from the clipboard and I'm too lazy to redo it all again. :D  Reply should be #31

Creations History Begone!