Bing carriage return does not search properly

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When I enter in Bing, I don't search, I do a line break.


Using other search engines like Google in Edge doesn't have this problem.

I would like to thank you very much.

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I am having this issue too. Hitting enter doesn't work, it's just a carriage return as seen in the image of the post I am replying to.



Your post came up first in my search.


I was trying to do a SEARCH, and instead got carriage returns.

Needs addressed MS.




Actually now it works, they must have updated it, but either way, not a problem for me, but I did nothing on my end to change anything.

Guess what just happened? @JamesHulsmann 


I wanted a photo of Joey Jones.

I typed in:

joey jones

And hit Enter.

Got a carriage return, instead of Bing searching.


I typed


on line 2, and hit Enter again.

Got another carriage return.



On Bing's main page, the "Search" choice isn't present.

But it is present, on result pages.


What a mess.

Thanks for sharing, tested on Edge Canary and Edge Stable, with the max amount of text and it works :)