Big space between search box and feed. [Sugestion]

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Without the most visited sites are a great blank space between the search box and the news feed. It would look  better without this space like the old Edge.

Anotación 2019-06-19 123149.png


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@AleQC thanks for the feedback! I'm curious if you've tried other 'views' available from the hamburger menu above the search box (to the right). It sounds like you might like to try "informational" with the most recent sites turned off. 


For the 'inspirational' view, we have tried to minimize information available without scrolling so you don't get distracted, and instead are 'inspired' :)


@johnjansen  Thanks for listen. You are right, i chose the "Custom View"  and i only enabled the news feed.  It would be nice to have a view focused on the news feed. Is very useful to find out about  the news everyday, and especialy with last hour


I just noticed that you add a option that solves this problem, and now looks more like the old edge.


If someone of the Edge Dev Team read this, im very glad with you, you are awsome.