Better Find on page / Search feature with improved options

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Like every year since 2019 I come up again with my request for an enhanced "Search / Find on Page" solution, maybe it will be taken into consideration this time (never lose hope, haha). 


At least I just found a new flag edge://flags/#edge-find-on-page-filters  (available on Dev and Canary) that offers case sensitiveness and diacritics! So things seem to move on a bit :)

Nevertheless, here's my feature request regarding to improve the very basic and rudimentary "Search / Find on Page". In my opinion we urgently need better support for the search options, especially for business, educational and scientific purposes and put Edge ahead of Chrome with this.


So I'd suggest the following:

  • add option for case-sensitive / whole word finds / diacritics (as in Edge Legacy and Firefox) 
    (already done with edge://flags/#edge-find-on-page-filters)
  • add functionality to search and highlight different words simultaneously, e.g searching John Sally highlights each occurrence of John AND Sally (the space character becomes the delimiter), whereas "John Sally" (with quotation marks) only searches the whole phrase
  • ability to pin the find box so it is available and stays open on all tabs (as in Edge Legacy)
  • create a fly-out that lists all finds on a page (like the Bing-search fly-out) which makes it much more easier to switch between finds on larger pages and pdf documents


Anyone else sharing my opinion, then feel free to vote this one up :) 


Or the similar ones by fellow user Marin Mlinarević: 


Thanks in advance and best regards

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