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Do not download Beta! I can't access any of my accounts! My Bank my social media. Trying to log back in and all I get is timed out or not recognized. I want to go back to Windows 11! And of course, you can't get any help. Yes, I opened the file that I was sent to my email with my Window 11 stuff, but nope can't log. in. Why did I do this. I trusted Microsoft! Don't do it!  

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Hi @MissWarcraft 

But are you writing about the beta version of Edge , or the Insider Beta channel of Windows?

Please explain, since Microsoft does not send installation files to your email address?

Please tell me your Windows version?

Please provide the Edge version?

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When I signed onto to my Lap Top I received the offer to Upgrade to Beta Edga. I now have two Edge Icons, one says Beta. I have managed to get into a couple of my accounts. I do not understand why I have problems with the others. But it is the Beta Edge. A lot of users are not tech savvy These things cause us problems and upset, and we lose stuff.  Upgrading from Windows 10 to 11 I lost all my photos. Things happen I am not tech savvy, wish me luck please.    @A1 


Thank you for your reply, you can safely uninstall the Edge Beta ( it has nothing to do with stable Edge ) which will still remain and work normally.

But do not install anything if you do not have experience, as it could be malware.

Download updates for Windows and restart your computer Everything will be fine

Best regards.