Beta Version - Constant pop up on start after PC reboot

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Anyone else get a pop up, top right in Edge Beta, advising that it was closed last time with tabs open. Would be useful but I only have 1 tab, Bing Homepage but the page it claims wasn't closed before is the same page. I never leave tabs open hence assumption its an issue. Only happens on a Surface Laptop 2 with basic Windows. Same version of Edge on a Surface Pro4 with Windows 10 Pro doesn't have the problem.


Is this a bug or have I selected something I'm not aware I've done? Only happens when Edge Beta is opened after PC boot up. 



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@Allan Clarke 

same problem here but with the stable version! (feedback send)

workAround for me

i have turn off this option



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Thanks for the update. Clearly a bug then so was worth me also sending feedback. I guess at some point it will get fixed :)


Update. I didn't get the pop up this morning. Just noticed an extra Tab as I was typing, checked it out after posting & its telling me Edge had just updated. Possibly fixed, we'll see!