Beta 79.0.309.51 problems with touch keyboard

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With this version the touch keyboard is having issues.

It sometimes works, sometimes it does NOT activate then clicking on the URL bar.


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@matsmcp Thanks for letting us know! We are currently aware of one issue that has been affecting the older touch keyboards. If you have an older version, the interim recommendation is opting-out/turning it off for now, if possible.


Please loop back if you're either already using the newest keyboard or experience any other bugs.


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Hi, yes it's the older keyboard on this device. Running on 1607 LTSB so it doesn't have the newer keyboard. I believe it's 1607 and 1703 that have that keyboard 


It's not exactly the same Issue as in dev/canary either. On those the failure rate was 100%. On beta it's maybe 50% and I haven't found a good method to provoke it either



This issue about the virtual keyboard/SIP (Software Input Panel) not coming up is based on the changes inside the Chromium engine, and affects all chrome driven browsers for the Windows platform. 

The bug is meanwhile fixed in Google Canary #81.0.3999.0 , see for details. 


I hope the Edge Team will update to the new Chromium engine soon, so this will be fixed for us Edge users, too. 

To check the version of the Chromium Engine type edge://version

Then in the section "User-Agent" look for the entry: Chrome/




Sorry but this is not that Issue.

This is a new one. 

The old one failed 100% of the times, this one is sporadic.

The old one started on chromium 80 (80.0.3948.0). This issue is on 79 (79.0.3945.79).


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I'm starting to see some patterns.

I think there are three different outcomes when i click on the url bar.

1. The touch keyboard comes up as expected

2. The entire url is highlighted but no touch keyboard. In this case it often helps to touch the URL bar again. Now the keyboard comes up

3. no highlight but you get a cursor marker in the url field and no keyboard


I started my recording software to get a video of it - Now it works all the time

@matsmcp Thanks for the additional details. I chatted with one of our devs; they suspect that this should be fixed across Chromium browsers after the next update and recommend you give it a try on subsequent Canary updates. But please let us know if it reoccurs! 


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I do believe they are right. Chromium did fix a touch related bug in With Chromium Canary (81.0.3997.0 or higher) the issue is gone. That patch has also been merged into Chromium 80.3987 but there is no Chromium dev with that or a higher build number yet


I just wanted to alert you of this extra issue in 79.X since it's a lover series (80 did work up to early 3948) and as I understand it is scheduled to be released in less than a month.


To try to summarize 

Edge beta up to about two weeks ago was good

Edge beta  309.51 and forward has "reduced functionality" (fails maybe 10-15% of times - no pattern on it yet but believed to only impact the old keyboard)

Edge dev - currently broken and I'm a little worried since the broken build is supposed to be the next beta if I understand @josh_bodner right. I would like to suggest that it might be worth waiting a little and rebase on 80.3948 to get the keyboard fix since chromium classed it as a release blocker.

Edge Canary - Known broken. Will fix itself as soon as it gets rebased on 81.3997


Long post but I hope it was of some value

Merry Christmas 

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@matsmcp I can also talk to the team about porting the fix for that bug to Dev/the next Beta, but I'm not sure what the bar is for getting fixes in.  



Hello, would be great if it could be done for all 3 flavours before the holidays. 

They revised the fix a few days ago, but it's stable now. The final fixed Chromium releases are: 

81.0.3999.0 (for Canary)

80.0.3987.19 (for Dev)

79.0.3945.96 (for Beta)


Thanks and Happy Holidays


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Just a quick feedback. Latest Canary has the fixes and works well.

Happy new year

@matsmcp Awesome, glad to hear it!


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