Being able to hide the "unsecured site" bar on an Edge installed application

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Could you add an option in the browser to be able to hide the unsecured site (the green box on the screenshot) bar when installing a site as an application?

The application in the screenshot below is my company's private Gitlab and I always have this bar displayed ; same for my personal Netflix... it's a bit annoying


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Thank you in advance

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You can use group policy for this:

Sites listed under this setting will not show "Not Secure" in URL.

@Gryphou thanks for the feedback. What this means in an Installed Site is that you are browsing outside the scope of the installed site. For example, with Netflix they use multiple scopes in their website, so if you installed after logging on, you were likely on, but when you click to watch a movie you move over to We actually changed that behavior recently so that we won't show it with Netflix. You can also work around this in Netflix by logging out, installing from the home page, then logging in. That will make the scope broad enough.


With your gitlab, the same thing might apply. Can you browse to the site and logout, then install? It might not help, but it might.




The window where playing movies is not secure?

If I have Netflix installed as a web app, the secure site bar appears. However, the warning bar does not appear directly from the browser.



@Tochmi No, it is secure, but it is outside the current scope of your installed PWA. That warning bar is coming from the browser. We show it because there is no address bar, but we need to give you a way to view certificates for that new scope. If you click the "Lock" icon, you can see what I mean.


Like I said, if you uninstall and logout then reinstall and log back in, you will not see that warning bar anymore. Alternatively, you can wait for Edge 86, where we have changed this behavior for sites like Netflix.




Thank you very much for your quick response. I followed the steps you've told me and it didn't work. Now the security bar also comes out when I search the Netflix menus when I'm in the web app.
I'm going to try again and reinstall the web app from netflix's main address, because the address that automatically appears to me is ""


The method I have proposed has not worked, it is impossible to access the web address without "/es". I'll have to wait for version 86...

Thank you so much for your help!

@Tochmi my mistake! I didn't realize you were in Spain. Unfortunately, yes, since Netflix forces the redirect based on location, you will have to wait for 86.