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What is the expected behaviour of links when in IE Mode in Edge Chromium?


In our case, we have a portal application that we have configured via IEsites.xml to open in IE Mode.  We use the root url of the portal site - like  When we navigate to the site opens in IE Mode as expected and all links that have URLs with the domain also open in IE Mode.  This is as expected.


However, in our portal we have links to external sites that we do not want to open in IE Mode, for instance  What we find though is that IE Mode persists when following the link to an external site.  In our case, we want all sites not specified in IEsites.xml to default to Edge redering not IE Mode.


Our expectation is that the IEsites.xml would be queried for the proper mode when following links while in IE Mode.  So, that if we are on and go to a site not listed in the IEsites.xml, Edge would go back to the Edge rendering mode, not stay in IE Mode.  If you click into the address bar after going to the external site that is still in IE Mode and hit enter to reload the page, then Edge does exmaine the IEsites.xml and reloads the page in Edge rendering mode, not IE mode.


Is that the intended beahviour? In our case, it is an issue since portal has many internal and external links that all should open in the appropriate mode.


If this is intended, is there a way to change this behaviour?


Thanks in advance for any insight.





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@LesSears Thanks for reaching out! I'm tagging in @Shilpa_Subramanian and @Kelly_Y who may be able to help answer that.


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@Deleted Thanks!


So, I found this  which makes me think our folks changed the default.  I will ask them about it.