Back with some more MS Edge 90.0 confusion

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Hi again,


I've posted recently regarding the MS Edge policy/domain concern. Thank you for helping me out with that. :)


Next up is a... bug? There's been a new button next to the New Tab Settings gear icon lately. A blue trophy, which when clicked on, shows me a gorgeous "no access" looking pop-up. See for yourselves:




What is this and why do I have no access to its content? Is there a way to remove the icon or to actually get it to work, whatever it's supposed to do?


One more thing: checking for updates takes 2-3 times longer ever since the 90.0.818.39 update. My bandwidth is fine, everything is up-to-date. What's the reason for the loss of speed?


Thanks in advance,

– Dominik

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that's for Microsoft Rewards.

also the problem with update servers is experienced with many people, saw tweets about it today, also me and someone else at home experiencing it too. it's intermittent.
Thanks for the clarification!
btw the update issue seems to be solved now that I'm checking.
Yep, 90.0.818.41 fixed the check-for-updates delay. Unfortunately I still have no access to Microsoft Rewards. :(
Is it country dependant? Maybe Hungary is excluded from this service?
Yes, it's country dependent. currently not supported in Hungary.

you can check out this page for the supported countries and regions:
Thank you! :)
No problem :)