AWS documentation website broken

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When I go to and then I click on almost any link on that page, I am directed to a page that is rendered empty, e.g. click on "EC2" goes to which is shown simply empty.


Other browsers like old Edge or Chrome show the correct result.


Any ideas?

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I don't think Edge has any problem in this case,
I tried it on Firefox version 75, legacy Edge and the new Edge browser canary version 82 and they all have the same behavior.
there is definitely something wrong with that website.



Works fine for me, so must be regional.


(In Edge 80.0.361.62)

@Bruce Roberts 

my Edge is 82.0.432.3 


After learning that we have different behaviour even on same browsers, I wanted to compare network traffic between Edge and Chrome. Chrome did indeed load much more URLs where Edge stopped loading.


However under "Console" I noticed a couple of messages regarding "tracking". So I went to tracking settings, disabled tracking prevention, restarted Edge, reloaded the page, reloaded the page while holding CTRL. After that I was able to navigate the links. Then re-enabled tracking prevention. And ... still working.


So actually I don't know which steps could have been omitted. Could be that tracking prevention somehow got mixed up.

I still think Amazon's website has issues. Firefox, Edge classic, new Edge, all of them on my system had problem with it and I never visited that website before. i wasn't using tracking prevention.