Autoplay not reliably working

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I'm currently on the Version 90.0.818.0 DEV Build and as of recently I noticed an Autoplay issue when browsing Websites that would normally Autoplay videos once the Tab is being viewed ( like YouTube but not limited to just it ).


Basically, I'd usually open a Video in another Tab ( background ) and once I switch to that Tab it would Autoplay - Which it doesn't anymore.
As it is with YouTube it would also continue to play other Videos which sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't - It would countdown what is playing next, do the switch to the next video but then not Autoplay once the page is loaded despite Autoplay being enabled in both YouTube and the Edge DEV Settings.


Testing the same website of a video on the non-DEV ( Release ) version of Edge Chromium would work as expected. I tried disabling all Extensions without a change in behaviour - Autoplay won't budge.


Any suggestions?

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what is this set to?

also Edge insider channels are testing autoplay blocking feature, it's a controlled feature rollout, so you might or might not fall into the test group.


Set to Allow ( with the only other option being Limited )

This was the Edge setting I was referring to - Is there another setting controlling this?


Yea... Found a lot of Posts about Autoplay Blocking not working but they're like the exact opposite of what I'm after.

You can't control the CFRs yourself, they are part of the insider builds.

however, you can send feedback using the feedback button on Edge about your experience.