Autoplay blocking does Not work on YouTube

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Autoplay blocking option is set to "Block". restarted the browser, then I got to YouTube, click on a video and it starts automatically as before.


Edge insider Version (Official build) canary (64-bit)

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It appears that it actually doesn't work anywhere.
tried it also in here:
and here


and here

no effects. turned off ublock origins (adblocker extension), still no effects.

@HotCakeX I confirm. I have the same problem.

I can't find any website that autoblock works in. all websites seem to ignore it
Too bad Edge Chromium does not have a good auto play blocking like Brave browser.


Does Brave auto play blocking stop the Netflix background preview "feature"? If so, I will probably add it to my browser selection for just that one feature.


I'm not holding my breath, but I sure hope the new Edge block auto play will be smart enough to block that behavior too. I'm sure that it it is valued by some subscribers, but I would like to have the choice. 


If Netflix has now introduced a way to stop this and I missed hearing about it, I am glad to be enlightened. I saw that Apple TV is introducing the same thing and some other services have it, but have the option to disable it.

I hope so too you know, Netflix and for me specially on YouTube I want autoplay blocking to work, and on news websites. Microsoft can just make it to block any HTML5 videos (which is super easy to identify) from being played automatically and instead put a play button on the media.
Netflix and YouTube both use HTML5 video.
there are extensions that already do this.

It appears these sites are playing the video a short while after the page is loaded. It does not also work on the sites that start playing the video as we start scrolling into it. It should be changed so that only a user's action would start the video playback.

Yes exactly, video autoplay and video preloading/buffering should both be stopped (the latter can be optional in the settings), without user's action



Current Edge Canary build

In some of the more recent Edge Canary builds, the Netflix homepage auto-play preview seems to be blocked most of the time. Today the main auto-play preview started the first time I opened the homepage, but after that it did not play.


Hovering over a show also seems to be successfully blocking the auto-pay preview. But if I click the down-arrow to read the description, the auto-play preview it the dropdown window starts playing and is not blocked.


Reported via smiley feedback.

Yes I'm seeing the same improvements too, like in YouTube I once saw a video being blocked from playing automatically, though it was buffering the video in the background still.

@HotCakeX correctly I realized that began to block and advertising on yutube? I tried but doesn't work this on yutube.

It's not fully functional on YouTube yet, for me it only happened 1 time and randomly, I will see if i can reproduce it again to find a patter