Automatically Switch To New Tab When "Open link in new Tab"

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Hello community,


I would like to be able to see the newly opened tab, when I click "Open link in new Tab", so I don't need to switch manually.


We already had a discussion about that, but no response from developers!


Thank you in advance!

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I still can't believe that option is missing.. Such a basic one. I want to hear a reason from developer WHY it is missing!

This is ridiculous. Microsoft has known about this issue in the MS Edge application for 2 years (or more) and yet nothing has been done about it. I think I'll just use Firefox.


Actually I already got used to it. And I also think I have changed my mind about directly switching, because if I would like to open multiple links on a page I would not like to switch back all the time. But a dedicated option in settings would be the best (as always).