Automatically close Collections menu after adding page.

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I would like for the Collections slide out menu to automatically close after clicking "+Add current page". There is no reason for it to stay open. The Favorites menu does not stay open after adding a favorite and after setting a tab aside in Edge/classic that particular menu does not open either.

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@Jacques Van de Meerssche 

I guess it depends on what you want to use collections for. As for me, I'm using it as a less efficient set tabs aside replacement until it gets added. I like how it stays open and I only have to hit Ctrl Tab and add the next page. They might be able to add an option where you can choose to keep it open or close it. What do you use collections for? 

As you stated so eloquently "less efficient set tabs aside replacement"@cjc2112 . I also would like "Add open tabs to collections" with the option to name the added tab group. The "Set tabs aside" feature is still under review but I personally doubt that it will be added. Hope I'm wrong but....

@Jacques Van de Meerssche 

Yeah, my fingers are crossed, and I also hope they bring the doodle on webpage option too.