Automatic Profile Switching in Edge: Specify domain for each profile

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I would like to specify a domain for eg to open in Personal profile whereas my work code repository domain to open in the work profile, right now I can't configure which websites to open in which profile.

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@saurabhjain Thanks for the request, and welcome to our MSFT Edge Insider community! Can you tell us more about your use case for this?


I'm not as familiar with the scope of functionality for Profile Switching, so adding the feature's owner, @Avi Vaid, for visibility.


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@fawkes Automatic profile switching chooses which profile to open an external link. Right now it is automatic and for me is not doing any switching when opening external links (maybe it is not identifying them as personal/work-related things), so I would like to provide certain domains to be opened in the personal profile and certain to be in the work profile, like when I am shopping (amazon, etc) / using social media websites (Instagram, Twitter) I want to open them in personal profile but like when some shares a document link to me (Google Docs, O365), work-related tools (git repository, JIRA, etc) I want those links to be opened in my work profile. Also if this can be done for links that are typed into the browser then it would be very useful, like if I forget to switch to personal profile to browse Facebook and instead open it in work profile it should automatically switch or show a pop up to switch.

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@saurabhjain nice suggestion! The bad news is that we don't have a better suggestion at this very moment. The only think I can thing of is that you can right click on a link if opening a site from the web and open the link as a particular profile. We may build a near term workaround to right click on a tab and move it to another profile as well.


The good news is that this is on our roadmap. Currently, we define work and personal fairly naively by if a site tries to auth with a work or personal microsoft account. We are planning to look into a feature where you can configure a list of sites that you define as work or personal in a future release.

I'm glad this is going to be a feature! I have some sites that aren't Microsoft-associated that I still consider work sites and I'd love to see this implemented!

@Avi Vaid Glad to know this is going to be a feature to configure list of work / personal sites.


@Avi Vaid, do you have any issue number or something? for us to be informed when this feature will be available.

Thanks for this information.

I'm sorry, we don't have a public issue number that you can reference. You can follow our release announcements here to stay in the loop about this -