Automatic profile switching doesn't work on iOS


I don't believe that automatic profile switching works in Edge for iOS. When I click a link embedded in an email that points to a web site on my company intranet, Edge opens in the last used profile. If the profile is my personal profile, everything just stops and I am left stuck on an "about:blank" page. 


If I turn on "Ask Every Time" for Automatic Profile Switching, I am correctly prompted to switch to my company profile, but as soon as I select the company profile, everything stops at the "about:blank" page just as it does when I have automatic switching enabled.


Seems like a bug that should be fixed. Is there a workaround?

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Let me ask the mobile team if this is a known issue. Also, what version number of Edge are you seeing this in?
Hi Josh. Thx for replying. It's happening on version 101.0.1210.47.