Automatic login lost.

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Currently on Version 83.0.472.0 but this problem started in 471.
Edge stopped automatically logging me into all the about 3 dozen websites that it previously saved my credentials for. I have to manually log in on every single site. All the credentials are still present in Settings/Passwords.
When I click on "log in" on each of these sites the user id and password fields on the next screen are already filled in with the correct values. So all I have to do is hit Enter. After that on several of the pages such as facebook etc. I have to go through the 2 factor authentication. Very very cumbersome.
I am talking about sites such as Microsoft Techcommunity, Facebook, Reddit, etc.
In the top right of the screenshot you can see that it shows my profile picture in top line (logged in my outlook acct) but asks me to log into the site on the line beneath it. All this happens every single time I reopen the browser after closing it. Am I the only one with this problem? Already provided feedback.

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since you mentioned version .471 and that's around when this feature was introduced, I suspect it might be related.

Because that behavior sounds like cookies aren't being saved

You are an absolute lifesaver @HotCakeX . I had indeed added a site there to keep the cookies for on exit. I just now went back, removed that single site and restarted Edge....Bingo everything is back to normal. Thank you very much for your assistance. Should have thought of that. Gonna feedback now.

Thank you, very happy to hear that :)


by the way, these options mean that Only the cookies from websites you add there are kept. so any other website that is not on the list will lose its cookies once Edge is closed.


so I think Edge is doing what it's supposed to, because as you said you only added one site to the list, only that site's cookies are kept and the rest are deleted after Edge gets closed






Seems there is some kind of conflict there @HotCakeX . I have always had this setting enabled so it should have been clearing cookies and other data every time I signed out before. Despite that I never had to log in on next visit to the site. Adding this one site to the exception list should have done just that. Made the exception not to clear the data for that one particular site while still clearing everything for all other sites as before. Or do I misunderstand? Please educate me.

So the behavior must have been changed since that feature added to Edge canary.
right now that list is a while list, meaning everything not on the while list, is automatically on the black/block list.

They added longer description texts under each item here: edge://settings/content/cookies
As of Canary Version 88.0.682.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit) logins are now being saved. At least they are for me.

Pls pass on a super Kudos to Microsoft Edge Feedback Team 3 for all the work they put into fixing this problem.. Thanks