Auto-open approved apps?

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Anyone know how I can set Edge to automatically open Teams when I click on a Teams meeting?

Presently it pops open a dialog that says "This site is trying to open Microsoft Teams" with the options to Open or Cancel.

I'd like to automatically open these each time.

Screenshot visible here:

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There obviously needs to be an option or checkbox in that popup saying "not to ask again" or "remember my choice", something like that.

Chiming in here as well, it would be so convenient not having to click that "Open" every single time, so some "Always allow" checkbox on the dialog would be awesome.

Is there any news on this? Edge Beta looks promising for a project we are doing, but for this one thing. We use a custom protocol to open a local application. IE and "classic" Edge pop up a blank window and then open the application. In Edge Beta, this window has a question asking if the user wants to open the application. We'd like to have the means to suppress this notification. Anyone have any advice?

And, once more, a basic functionnality, existing since IE, has vanished, and no one from Microsoft cares to answer ...

I wonder when is this going to get fixed? It's so annoying.

found a solution to this problem through a registry hack - details here: